Educational Material

Hiroshima / Nagasaki exhibition invites 10th-grade students to attend the exhibition and do an assignment regarding the 1945 nuclear attack.


For further information contact: Margrét S. Björnsdóttir – phone no: +354 867 7817. For further professional information regarding the educational material contact the author: Halldór Björgvin Ívarsson –


You can access the material at this website: Currently, the material is only available in Icelandic.

The material is designed to be further reading for the the teachers and students who attend the exhibition but can also be used by those unable to attend. The approach to the material is based on the curriculum objectives in social sciences, natural sciences and environmental studies for the 10th grade.

Before class visits teachers are encouraged to present the material to the students (for example by selecting “view presentation” or “further reading”). It is also recommended to present the assignments before visiting the exhibition. If other assignments are planned, such as “further reading” assignments, it is recommended that each student has chosen a subject before visiting the exhibition so that they can give put special emphasis to learn about the posters that have information about the material regarding their chosen subject.

All assignments, apart from an interactive examination, are in the folder marked “Students” and are printable. It is not necessary for students to do all the assignments. Assignment selection is due to time constraints and students’ area of interest. If time is very limited it’s recommended to do “Student discussion after the exhibition,” “website questions” and “interactive examinations”. It goes without saying that if students learn the subject best if they also get a chance to solve the “Further Reading Project” and “Poster Project”.

If a teacher believes that the assignments that are available do not meet the needs of their students is easy for him to use the website as the basis for their own projects.

As you can see, the main idea is that the educational material is useful to prepare the students for the exhibition, to give them the opportunity to learn subject matter and continue with the contents and assignments when they return to the classroom.

Halldór Björgvin Ívarsson, teacher, is the author of the material.