A lecture by Mr. Gareth Evans and his visit to the exhibition


Mr. Gareth Evans (www.gevans.org/), one of the world’s foremost expert in the field of nuclear disarmament held on 4th October a well received public lecture in conjunction with the exhibition, in which he traced the threat posed by nuclear weapons, took a few examples where nuclear weapons were almost used due to misunderstanding, outlined attempts to halted the spread of nuclear weapons and suggested possible milestones to that effect. No one was untouched by his deep and broad knowledge that shone through in the lecture, which can listened to here: A recording of Mr. Gareth Evans’ lecture.  Before, Icelandic Foreign Minister Össur Skarphéðinsson addressed the crowd and introduced Mr. Evans. Earlier that day, Mr. Gareth Evans visited the exhibition at Háskólatorg, where students from the school Brúarskóli in Reykjavík were also visiting the exhibition with their teachers and they can be seen in these pictures: A photo album from Mr. Evans’ visit to the exhibition and his lecture.

Link to the written text of Mr. Gareth Evans’ lecture: Why we should eliminate nuclear weapons