Inosuke Hayasaki addressing participants at candle floating ceremony.

Kertafleyting við tjörnina

A collaboration of Icelandic peace movements hosted a candle floating ceremony at the Reykjavík Pond on the 9th of August to commemorate the victims of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings and to insist on total nuclear disarmament of the world. Inosuke Hayasaki, who survived the bombing of Nagasaki, then only 14 years old (today 81), addressed the group and rallied all present to the cause of peace and total nuclear disarmament. Dr. Eyþór Eyjólfsson, Chairman of Takanawa, translated his address to Icelandic. The Director of the Nagasaki memorial museum presented to the collaborative group five handmade candles made by Nagasaki children as a token of their gratitude to the Icelandic people for keeping alive the memory of the nuclear bombing victims with annual candle floating ceremonies.