Press show educational material related to the Exhibition interest


Icelandic daily newspaper, Fréttablaðið, has today the 23rd August on the front page and another in a separate section on education on p. 32 articles regarding the educational material that has been specially made for the Exhibition. The material is in the form of a teaching website that Halldór Björgvin Ívarsson, teacher and fisherman prepared for students in 10th grade (see under:

The teaching website is very user-friendly for both students and teachers and compatible with the objectives stated in the official curriculum for social studies, sociology, science and environmental education.

The main objective of the teaching material is that it can be used to prepare students before going to the Exhibition and to give them the opportunity to continue working with the material when returning the classroom. Class visits are offered to all 10th grade students in the country and already have about 300 students been booked.

Links to the articles are as follows: