The exhibition in Akureyri 13th – 29 October

Sendiherra Japan ávarpar v opnun á Akureyri

The exhibition is now located in Hof – Cultural and Conference Center in Akureyri which undoubtedly is one of Iceland’s most magnificent  buildings. The exhibition is in Hof’s lobby which connects the different activities in the center. Each week on average, around 2-3000 people pass through the lobby, of which about 450 are students of the Akureyri School of Music and the youngest are accompanied by their parents. At the opening ceremony addresses were given by Akureyri´s  City Council president, Mr. Geir Kristinn Aðalsteinsson, the Japanese ambassador to Iceland, Mr. Masayki Takashima (pictured) and Ms. Margrét S. Björnsdóttir, the exhibition’s supervisor on behalf of Takanawa inc.  In addition to her, other guests and Hof’s staff, Dr. Eyþór Eyjólfsson, chairman of Takanawa inc, was in attendance but he attended university in Hiroshima for five years and worked at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum alongside his studies.