The exhibition opens in Akureyri. 14:00 Saturday 13th October

Menningarhúsið Hof

On Saturday 13th October at 14:00 the Exhibition is re-opened at Hof – Culture and Conference Center in Akureyri and will be there until the 29th October. Opening ceremony is scheduled with short addresses and everyone is welcome. Nearly 10,000 people attended the Exhibition in Reykjavik, including about 1,500 elementary and secondary school students. The Exhibition was particularly well attended by students of the 10th grade of elementary school, but a teaching website with assignments was set up in conjunction with the Exhibition  and objectives in the national curriculum of social studies, sociology, science and environmental education were met: See the link for Education Material on the front page of this website. Teachers in science and social science subjects of secondary school also used the website and Exhibition as a template for assignments for their students and teachers of Political Science at the University of Iceland did likewise.