Students of the ­Comprehensive Secondary School at Ármúli visit the exhibition


Elementary school students continue to flock to the exhibition at the University of Iceland and comprehensive secondary school students have also started to attend. In the history course SAG203, taught at the ­Comprehensive Secondary School at Ármúli, students learn, among other things, about the World War II. Heiða Björk Sturludóttur, history teacher at Ármúli,  thought it was a great boon for her students to get the Hiroshima / Nagasaki – Nuclear attacks of 1945 Exhibition to Iceland. They attended the exhibition at the end of September at the University and the students did an assignment based on the information posters. Later, various issues were discussed in groups in the classroom such as hazards of nuclear weapons, the impact of war on the population and the possibility of a world without war. Heiða Björk felt exhibition dramatic as it increased the students’ awareness of the consequences of nuclear attacks and war in general.